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Restaurant Funding Options

When it comes to the restaurant business, we know that you need capital quickly. Firstpoint Funding is your go-to partner to grow the restaurant business you’ve always dreamed of, as we have helped countless business owners secure funding and explode the growth of their restaurant.


Whether you’re looking for a boost in advertising, expanding your staff, or equipment purchasing, we can help!


As a direct lender, we can get you the cash you need quickly, sometimes even on the same day your application is submitted.  If you have any of the following needs:


  • Restaurant Expansion

  • Adding New Equipment or POS Systems

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Increasing Cash Flow

  • Meeting Payroll Obligations

  • Purchasing Kitchen Equipment


FirstPoint Funding can help! You can quickly qualify for up to $500,000 to accommodate your capital needs. With the options we have at our disposal, we can customize a funding plan for any type of business and any type of expense. 


Start a long-term relationship with a direct lender that wants nothing more than to assist you and your business with the funds you need to become the restaurant of your dreams.


Apply now and let’s get you funded TODAY!

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