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IT Company Funding Options

We know that running an IT Company can be expensive, and customers often want hardware that you have to float the cost on before getting paid. Servers, computers, and enterprise setups can be difficult to float, but we specialize in bridge capital to help your IT Company get the funding that it needs to take on large scale projects.

At Firstpoint Funding, our experience partnering with IT Firms stretches back quite a while. We've worked with firms of all sizes, and have excelled at creating custom funding plans that will fit the exact needs of your business. Some of the items that our funding can be used for are:

  • Equipment Purchases

  • Enterprise Buildouts

  • Software Expenses

  • Hiring Additional Staff

  • Business Expansion

  • Acquiring New Clients


Firstpoint Funding specializes in rapid business funding and bridge capital. We offer expedited approvals to get your business the money that it needs today, not tomorrow. Even if your credit isn't the greatest, we can help! Give us a call today to take your business to the next level.

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