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Hotel & Motel Funding Options

After a dismal downturn to the hospitality industry during the pandemic, the tourism industry is back on the rise in a major way. We’ve seen owners of hotels, motels and travel-related businesses have more of a challenging time getting funded by banks than most industries. 


With the high cost of operations in running a successful hotel, it makes the need for financing that much more of an essential part of the business. The competition is fierce when it comes to keeping up with services and amenities that travelers are looking for. In order to keep up with the times, and the restrictions banks have placed on the tourism industry, this makes hotels the perfect candidates for merchant cash advances. 


You can use the cash in any area of your business that you see fit and being that you can leverage future sales within the property, this can unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to put to good use. Here at Firstpoint Funding, we’ve provided hotel funding loans to many hotels that have put the cash to use for the following: 


  • Marketing

  • Remodeling of Rooms

  • Improving Cable and Internet Systems

  • Upgrading POS Systems

  • Recruitment and Training

  • Spas

  • Gyms

  • New and Improved Website 


The strength of your hotel business matters more than your individual credit rating when considering a hotel cash advance, and that also means the application process is simple and straightforward. Giving your hotel the competitive edge with a cash infusion that can be had with 24 hours is something we’ve done before and we have high approval rates, being a direct lender. 


Apply right now and let’s get you the cash you need to build the business you work so hard for.

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